Dot Com Domain

We have finally done it.  It became available and we snatched the domain. There was a lot of negotiations, such as:

This is a premium domain and is worth a lot of money!

-     I dont care I'm only prepaid to offer £x.

Your won't win this if you dont offer more than that !

-    If someone pays that for it then they can have it.

You need to offer more than that as your highest bid to be in with a chance!

-    As I have said before its only worth £x to me.

Now don't get me wrong. I rearly wanted this, its our Company Name but we are only small and have a fixed budget that we just can't spend on a name.

So I get a call and told that we have won it !

I was shocked and surprised to tell the truth.

Then with the deal all done and paid for I was told that I should recieve transfer instructions via email within 24 hours .

Nothing recieved - I chased them up after 24 hours to be told they would check, to be told later via email that there was an issue, but while they sorted it they could redirect it domain to our existing website.


Apparently the hosting company that owned the domain have a standard 60 day fraud hold policy (which is rearly there to try and convince you to host with them im sure!)

So lessons learned:-

1.  Have a price in your head or wallet and don't budge, no matter what you are told by so called brokers.

2. Be prepaired to lose and tell them that. Make them think its not that important.

3. Be prepaired to wait before you can use the domain. 

4. Have a back up plan.

Will update this in 60 days