Re-Branding The CRAFT Brewery

Its always hard to  think of a name for your brewery and the beer you want to produce, being a Freemason the play on word between "Craft beer" and a common name for freemasonry "the Craft" couldn't be ignored.

Once the name came the logo very quickly followed and i thought why not incorporate the Square and Compasses in to the word CRAFT , then when arranging the words  i noticed that  they started to form a triangle. They just needed a point, and again utilising a well known image of the all seeing eye  completed the pyramid style logo. well now i have the name and the logo i might as well see if there is a Facebook or twitter page available that I could use,  there was, so I may as well set up a web page to support this as well.  Why a .org address instead of a .com address for the website, the simple answer is price the difference between a few pounds to a few hundred pounds, and for a start up this is always a consideration. My friends and family have been enjoying my beer for the last year, i'm ready now to take the next step and let you all try it soon.