For our commercial range we decided to create an easy recognisable brand telling customers what they can expect from the bottle or cask. Our CRAFTY range is supported by our marketing on twitter and Facebook where we imply you can have a CRAFTY one. After all who doesn't like to nip out or pop in to the pub for a CRAFTY beer !

Our Regular Commercial Ales 

Please find below a selection of our Masonic themed beers

At the CRAFT Brewery we have a number of beers that have very distinctive and recognisable labels with masonic related beers such as "Brethrens Brew" , "Master's Maul","Labour to Refreshment", "Templar's Tipple" as well as "Working Tools", "HRA", Lambskin and "Stewards Saison", which are seasonal and available for everyone to try, if you can find them.

Brethren's Brew

Our Specialty Oaked Rum Ale Is for the discerning drinker who wants something different. It has a dark oak colour with a fluffy cream head. This beer has the aroma of caramel, toffee and oak with only a slight hint of rum. It delivers a malty, vanilla and oak taste with subtle hints of sweet rum.

Masters Maul

Has a full, smooth malt flavour and is very easy to drink. Its rich amber colour and fruity aromas are accompanied by a delicious balance of malty tastes. A balanced sweetness, followed by a refreshingly dry finish

Labour to Refreshment

Has a full hoppy flavour, this IPA style ale is striking and you know it will quench your thirst. It is light and strong with a balanced sweetness, followed by a refreshingly dry hoppy finish

Templars Tipple

Our Templars Tipple Porter has a dark oak colour with a fluffy cream head. this Beer has the aroma of caramel, toffee and chocolate with only a slight hint of aniseed. It delivers a sweat and smooth texture, which will put a smile on your face as the flavours bounce around your mouth


Last year all of our seasonal Ales had a Masonic theme which was lost on a few people this year we will be keeping it simple All Seasonal brews are available in casks either Pins (4.5 gallon) or Firkins (9 gallon)


Special Brews are available on request for Birthdays or for your Bar / Club or Event, just get in touch tell us the what style of beer you like how strong you would like it and we can make something specific to your taste and brand it as you wish.

Our Small 100ltr brew house is perfect for bespoke "Craft Ales" allowing us to do specials using only the finest grain and exciting hops, would we like something bigger of course, but at the moment we are keeping our regular customers happy and have the capacity to deliver new and exciting beer to the local area.


This version was brewed for a Garden party and later became Masters Maul It had a full malt finish and was a Real Ale is packed with flavour, it was Dark and bitter with a balanced sweetness followed by a refreshingly dry finish. ABV 3.6%

It was available in plastic bottles for a Masonic Garden Party


A limited number of beermats are available and distributed to our customers with their orders. We are sorry but due to very limited in numbers we do not give our Beermats away to collectors. If you want one you have to track them down and have a few pints while looking for them. (Thats part of the fun isn't it ?) A list of our Stockist is on our home page to help you with your hunt !


If you would like to know how you can get your hands on some of these soon to be famous beers? or would like to supply there beers to your customers, please use our contact form below